General Information

Registration fee for each athlete is $40.00, which includes t-shirt and all league games. T-shirts will be distributed to the athletes on the evening of the team's first scheduled match. Athletes are required to wear their current Centex Volleyball shirt during each match. 

Varsity (designated for high school players with Varsity potential)

JV1 (designated for high school players with JV potential)

JV2 (designated for incoming freshmen)

JH1 (designed for incoming 8th graders or experienced incoming 7th graders)

JH2 (designed for incoming 7th graders with little or no experience)

To prevent match cancellations and to allow for maximum playing time, all teams should consist of 8-10 athletes. If a team must cancel a match, please contact Stacy Meyers, League Director, as soon as possible.

After teams in each division are established, schedules will be posted on this website.

Warm-up (5-minute before match)

High school - 2/2/1 (each team on the net for two (2) minutes, then serve for one (1)).

Middle school - Share the net for three (3) minutes, and serve for two (2) minutes.

Match Layout

Matches are called by paid, qualified officials. UIL rules and guidelines will be followed.

Matches will begin every hour, starting at 4:00pm at the earliest, and concluding after the 9:00pm match at the latest.

All matches are best two (2) out of three (3), rally scoring to 25 points, with a cap at 30 points. Additionally, each match will have a 50-minute time limit; if a team wins in two (2) sets before the 50-minute limit has expired, the teams may agree to continue playing until the time limit is reached.

Host schools will provide warm-up and game balls for each match.